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UW Model course

Intermediate to advanced skin diving

For freedivers

By photographer Carlos

I used a full-fledged camera

Private underwater photography course

With Asaki's posing advice


[Time required]

Beach entry

1 point 2 hours and a half

2 points 4 hours

Basically it is done by beach entry

There is an additional charge for boats


[Prices included]

One-on-one or one-group charter course

1 person

1 point edit 10-15 photos

27,000 yen

2 points edit 15-25 photos

33000 yen


2 persons

1 point

Edit photo  10-15 sheets per person

19000 yen / person

2 points

15-25 edit photos per person

24500 yen / person


3 people

1 point

10-15 edit photos per person

15500 yen / person

2 points

15-25 edit photos per person

20500 yen / person


[Participation target]

Physically and mentally healthy women or couples between the ages of 18-50

This course is for skin diving

For courses that do not include practice

Have basic knowledge of skin diving

Those who can dive 5m or more are eligible

On the day the skill check

Doug dive, fin work, etc.

If you decide that your basic skills are difficult

Basic skin diving course

The number of edit photos has changed to

May be less

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