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Level 3 Advanced Skin Diving Course

Guide to the best points of the day!

For intermediate to advanced users and freedivers

It will be done at a point with a depth of 8m-10m.

Let's enjoy the sea of Irabu Island while taking videos and photos!


[Time required]

Beach entry 1 point 2.5 hours

Boat 2 points 4 hours

(Which will be decided will be decided by the strait and the condition, so we will inform you the day before)


[Prices included]

Fees vary depending on the number of participants on the day

14000 yen / person

2 people 13000 yen / person

3 people 12000 yen / person

Rental fee is not included

In the case of boat Course fee +3500 yen / person

Photographs and video gifts taken!


[Participation target]

Physically and mentally healthy women or couples between the ages of 18-50. This course does not include skin diving practice, so it is intended for those who have basic knowledge of skin diving and can dive 5 m or more.

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