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Level 1

Level 1 beginner course

Private lessons for beginners and first-time snorkelers

Because I practice carefully at shallow points

Even those who are afraid of the sea, uneasy, or have a blank can participate with confidence.

How to use the equipment, practice relaxing and swimming, practice fin work

Let's practice slowly so that you can swim safely and securely without a life jacket!


[Time required]

Beach entry 2 to 2 and a half hours


[Prices included]

Private lesson 14000 yen per person (In the case of group lesson + 11000 yen per person will be charged an additional fee)

Rental fee is not included

Photographs and video gifts taken!


[Participation target]

Physically and mentally healthy women or couples between the ages of 18-50. This course is for beginners in snorkeling, so if you are accustomed to skin diving, we recommend that you attend Level 2.3.


[Recommended plan]

You can improve your skills by participating in the 2-day course!

Please feel free to contact us for consultation on course combinations.

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