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L evel2  Basic skin diving course

This is a course where you can learn the basics of skin diving and how to enjoy it safely.

For beginners to intermediates, the water depth is about 5m-10m.

This course is recommended for those who are doing skin diving in their own way and those who are new to skin diving who are accustomed to snorkeling.

Learn skin diving safety, dive smoothly in the ocean, and practice fin work.

The goal of this course is to be able to swim beautifully in the water.

You can also check your own form as you will be shooting in the second half.


[Time required]

Beach entry 1 point 3 hours

Boat 2 points 4 hours

(Which will be decided will be decided by the strait and the condition, so we will inform you the day before)


[Prices included]

Fees vary depending on the number of participants on the day

15,000 yen / person per person

2 people 14000 yen / person

3 people 13000 yen / person

4 people 12000 yen / person

Islander discount-500 yen / person

Rental fee is not included

In the case of boat Course fee +3000 yen / person

Photographs and video gifts taken!


[Participation target]

Physically and mentally healthy women or couples between the ages of 18-50. Those who are accustomed to snorkeling at a depth where they cannot reach their feet without wearing a life jacket.


[Recommended plan]

You can improve your skills by participating in the 2-day course!


2 days to practice the basics exactly  Level2

I want to challenge freediving Day 1 Level2 + Day 2 AIDA1

Basics of skin diving + I want to fully enjoy the sea of Irabu Day 1 Level2 + Day 2 Level3


Please feel free to contact us for consultation on course combinations.

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