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Advanced Freediver Course

Intermediate class

Based on the skills learned in AIDA2

With the essential technique to dive deeper

Learn knowledge in 4 days



[Course content]

・ 2 days of classroom online training in advance

1st day 3 hours 2nd day 2 hours

・ Limited water area + ocean training 4 days at Irabu Island


Contents of the course

Frenzel method, freefall

CWT24-30m, fin work

Training method, Co2 training

Safety, rescue

There are other required clear items

With original stretch lesson!


Morning-evening Basic schedule example

(Schedule varies depending on the strait)

First day


Ocean training 1

the 2nd day

Ocean training 2


Third day

Marine training 3

Co2 table

Day 4

Marine training 4

Written test


[Certification conditions]

STA 2 minutes 45 seconds / DYN 55m

CWT 24m / Written test 75% or more

When the conditions are cleared

AIDA3 certification will be issued

If there are items that could not be cleared in 4 days

Let's challenge again during training!


[Prices included]

Classroom online course 2 days 12000 yen

Limited water area + ocean training 4 days

Student price  59000 yen

General price   ​63000yen


In the case of a boat +3000 yen per marine course

Including AIDA3 certification fee, video, underwater photography

Rental fee is not included


[Participation target]

Physically and mentally healthy women between the ages of 18 and 50

Or for couples

AIDA2 certified holder

Please contact us for crossovers from other organizations.

As a skill check for the general public

Please participate in the training in advance.

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