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AIDA2 Freediver Course

Those who want to start freediving in earnest

This course is recommended for those who are intermediate or above skin diving.

Learn the basics of freediving in 3 days.

For those who can dive by skin diving for about 10m

It is also possible to start from AIDA2.

Level 2 in advance  Basic skin diving course or

If you take AIDA1, you will be able to take the course more smoothly.


[Course content]

Classroom online class in advance 3.5 hours

Limited water area + ocean training 3 days at Irabu Island

Contents of marine training

Practice diving in the correct form

FIM, CWT12-20m

Rescue, buddy method


Morning-evening Basic schedule example

(Schedule varies depending on the strait)

First day

Stretching, breathing

Limited water area STA, DYN

the 2nd day

Marine training 1.2

Third day

Marine class 3, written test


[Certification conditions]

STA 2 minutes / DYN 40m / CWT 12m / written test 75% or more

If you clear the conditions, AIDA2 certification will be issued.

Items that could not be cleared in 3 days

Let's challenge again during training!


[Prices included]

Classroom online course (with original ear removal lesson) 10,000 yen

Limited water area + ocean training 3 days 50,000 yen

In the case of a boat +3000 yen per marine course

Including AIDA2 certification fee, video, underwater photography

Rental fee is not included

Islander discount -500 yen


[Participation target]

Physically and mentally healthy women or couples between the ages of 18-50. Those who have sufficient skin diving experience and can dive 7m or more.

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