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Hello, I'm  Asaki


Aisaki ASAKI
Born in Aichi prefecture
AIDA Master Instructor
DAN Oxygen First Aid


2017 Started freediving on Panglao Island, Philippines
2018 instructor certification

The first overseas solo trip I went to when I was a college student
I was addicted to traveling and traveled to various countries with a backpacker

After graduating from university, I saved money as a part-time job and embarked on an indefinite journey.
Around the remote islands of Okinawa in the summer and overseas in the winter

I wasn't interested in the world under the sea at all, I couldn't swim
The sea of Miyakojima and Irabujima.
The beautiful appearance of my friends swimming comfortably
I also want to be able to swim like this! !!
Then I practiced every day.

And when I went abroad, I learned about freediving, and instead of diving in my own way
I took a freediving course in 2017 because I wanted to know how to dive safely
Take the AIDA Instructor Course in 2018
I am active as a freediving instructor in various countries.

In the summer, AIDA training and skin diving courses will be held on Irabu Island.
In winter, I go on a class and a trip to improve my skills in a warm country.

Safe, comfortable and beautiful motto
Let's enjoy the underwater world in a breath together in the seas around the world!

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