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Skin diving

When participating in a freediving course

If the following items apply

Decline to participate even on the day

There is a possibility that you will receive it.

If there are items that apply to your health check

Please contact us in advance.

(All our courses are from 20-50 years old

For women or couples)


= Check items on the day of participation =

・ Lack of sleep or physical fatigue

・ Drinking the day before

・ Scuba diving the day before

・ Body temperature 37.5 degrees or higher

・ People infected with the new coronavirus

There is contact with a close contact

・ Sore throat, cough, stuffy nose

Cold symptoms such as headache

・ Numbness and dizziness in limbs

・ Dehydration

・ Harmful to make-up or coral

Use of sunscreen

・ We do not offer anti-sickness

If you are worried about wave sickness, please bring a sickness stop.


Please get enough sleep and participate in good physical condition.

= Health check items =

* Please contact us if there are any applicable items.

・ Infected with the new coronavirus in the past

In the case of severe / moderate illness

・ Within one week after vaccination

・ Continuous drug therapy

・ Mental and psychological disorders

・ Cranial nerve system disease

・ Cardiac disease

・ Lung and respiratory diseases such as asthma

・ Diseases of the sinus system

・ Eye diseases


・ Past diving accidents

(Decompression sickness, severe BO, squeeze)


・ High blood pressure

・ The doctor has stopped exercising


= Request for new corona infection prevention measures =

I'm very sorry if the instructor has symptoms of coronavirus infection.

We will stop the business.

In addition, the course may be canceled depending on the spread of infection.

On the day of the event, measure the temperature yourself and take a social distance with other participants.

We kindly ask for your participation.

We have stopped serving drinks.

Thank you for your cooperation in bringing your own bottle and water.


= FreediveIrabu course and training =

Participants in our courses, courses and training

Focus on the basics so that you and the shop can do it safely and securely.

We do it within the depth that the instructor judges to be safe.

The instructor will do our best to support you,

We ask for your cooperation in physical condition management and safety management.


= About the start time of the day =

The start time varies daily depending on the tide.

Start time and schedule depending on the strait and wind

It may change suddenly.

If you have a time that is not convenient for you, please let us know when you make a reservation.


= Cancellation policy =

Cancellation fee will be charged for cancellation due to customer's convenience.

(Including oversleeping and hangover)

7 days ago 30% of course fee

4 days ago 50% of course fee

2 days ago 80% of course fee

Full amount of course fee on the day

= Rental fee =

If you need rental, please let us know in advance the necessary equipment.

Full SET 1500 yen

(Suit + mask + snorkel

+ Fin + weight belt)

Wet suit or tapper 500 yen

Mask + snorkel 500 yen

Weight belt  300 yen

Fin 500 yen

Long fin 800 yen

Diving computer 1000 yen

Those who have taken AIDA 2.3.4 have a rental discount during the course!

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